Yesterday turned out to be a wonderful day. I found the strawberry plants I wanted, my grandson came and helped me take two loads of prunings to the dump and I got much planning done for the upcoming Mending the Soul class. Along with that my grandson and I got to sing Happy Birthday to this wonderful sis of mine! Today he is coming back so we can get asparagus & strawberries planted as well as all of the early items in the garden. As Mr. Rogers said, “It’s a great day in the neighborhood!”

Last summer my grandson, who is helping me, wanted a bible. I ordered it for him at the time. As I began the book of Proverbs yesterday I was prompted to talk to him about reading this book. It is truly a book of wisdom for a teenager (as well as anyone else) and how to ground your life at this early age so one can be proud of his choices rather than trying to hide them. We talked about that. I’m glad we are together again today so we can talk further about this topic. He’s a great kid. He was reminding me yesterday that he is my favorite grandchild. I always tell my grandkids my favorite grandchild is the one with me. So, he was reminding me yesterday that he is my favorite (for the day)!

God is never not at work. The more I awaken to Him, the richer the relationship becomes. What an amazing God!

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