I never cease to be amazed at the intimacy of God and how He tends to the little details in our lives. I’ve mentioned of late about starting to read Proverbs and sharing it with my grandson who has been helping me. This morning as I began to journal I was telling God about the difficulty of staying focused day-in and day-out on the truth that we are a new creation. All of the thoughts that bombard my head want to have me believing differently. I get grounded each and everyday as the day begins, but as it moves on, I find the strength to combat this truth wanes. I know this indicates I’m using my strength rather than God’s, however…, it happens.

Today’s devotional was even from Proverbs–its message was to listen to wisdom rather than the evil thoughts planted by the evil one. Then, reading in Proverbs, it was saying the same thing. Joyce Meyers wrote that we tend to beat ourselves up when we don’t live a perfect day. She compares spiritual walking to a child learning to walk. We don’t criticize them, we encourage and praise for the steps they are taking successfully. We need to learn to do this as God does.

I’ve walked long enough as a new creation that I’d like these thoughts to be done. Joyce Meyers writes: “God is not angry with us because we have not yet arrived. He is pleased that we are pressing on, that we are staying on the path. If you and I will keep on keeping on, God will be pleased with our progress.” I then praised God for being such a Good Dad!

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