I’ve mentioned that I will be starting a class for Mending the Soul on April 11 at our church. I’ve struggled in my mind how to best advertise this. The past couple years we have put it in our bulletin a few weeks ahead of time outlining the classes’ purpose, but no one came from that work. The few who came were ones I had personally invited knowing their story already. Late yesterday afternoon when I’d gotten home from the school district I called our pastor who oversees the men’s breakfast we have scheduled for April 10th. I wanted to have a moment to advertise the class there with the men. There are usually from 100-125 men who come. The pastor asked that this be the program for the morning with him interviewing me about my own past and why this class is so important. I said that takes my breath away, but yes, of course, I’d do that.

This little interview is a genuine test for me. Satan has used every weapon on me that has worked in the past to keep me quiet–FEAR being at the top of the list. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt this is the right thing to do. Putting what I know into action takes TRUST and BELIEF which are young in me and yet, I am watering these two young starts so they will grow and choke out any unbelief’s.

The new creation that I am because of Christ’s work on the Cross is taking root. I want others to know they can have this freedom if they are living in bondage as I have know so well. God is FAITHFUL and I want to be a faithful servant for Him.

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