As I am reading Proverbs this time I feel as though I’m a young man just getting started in learning how to live for Jesus. There is so much wise counsel. In reality, man shouldn’t read Proverbs as wise counsel, they should read it as a book of directions for living life. If only men could set aside our pride and our need to have choices, we would be so much better off. Slow to anger, squelching pride, holding our tongue, listening well, responding wisely (my words here) are just a few of the rules for living found in this great book.

There is a difference in pride that comes from work well-done and pride which means do it my way or else. As I read Proverbs, this comparison keeps cropping up. It isn’t necessarily worded as such, but in my interpretation, it means just this. That sense of satisfaction which follows a day of right living and right choices is an appropriate kind of pride. However, a day of demanding things be done just as you say or else could very well be the pride of a man after his own heart rather than God’s heart. I love the fact too that it is our role to simply give wisdom. We don’t need to follow through making sure one does as we say. The Holy Spirit will take wisdom and do His own follow up. If the listener is wise he will follow it. We are to be a conveyor of wisdom and not the disciplinarian for it

I have much to learn about living fully committed and surrendered. I suppose we all do. However, lets try and do it with a smile!

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