Today is a day I’ve been looking forward to its arrival and not because it is April Fool’s Day! A couple of days ago I wrote about advertising the class: Mending the Soul I will be starting for men who have experienced the damage of abuse whether childhood or adulthood. Today I will be meeting with the pastor who is in charge of the men’s breakfast on April 10 when the advertising will take place. He will interview me and we will talk through the questions that will be asked, etc. It just doesn’t matter how many times I’ve done this or similar to this, I still get these knots in my stomach and a strong sense I need to RUN! With that said, I will not.

This morning as I was journaling about today and asking Christ what He wanted me to know for this day, He said He wanted me to think about abuse as a cancer. When the effects of the abuse are left in secret they fester and grow into things like: anger, acting out, isolation, quick tempered, silence or the opposite–yelling, etc. These actions will crop up at unexpected times and one will wonder why? When cancer is left in secret the effects grow into effects which will take one’s life. Abuse takes one’s emotional life and kills its health just as cancer does to one’s physical life. Healing comes to either of these when we expose them. This is the purpose of this class and what I’ve learned from my own telling. Sharing my story continues to bring health to my soul and spirit, especially when one gets to see the effects of healing for others from the sharing.

The journey does continue and with the continuance comes continued growth and healing.

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