Good Friday! As I began to journal this morning with the reminder that this day our Jesus took our sins to the cross–all of them–past, present and future; I couldn’t write for a moment. I began to let my mind reflect on this truth. The Spirit then reminded me that Christ’s work had an Eternal–Spiritual purpose. It tied back to the creation of man and it goes into the future until He comes again. For me, it allows me to have the assurance that my sins–done to me and those I’ve committed–are there–at the Cross, buried once and for all. And with this truth is another truth–He paved the way for me to be the new creation His Father–God Almighty–had intended from the beginning of man. All I had to do was to choose Him as my Savior and then I was also able to choose Him as my Lord. Lastly, I could choose to bring all the lies Satan had tried so diligently to use to keep me in bondage–to Christ–THE GREAT HEALER! This then allows Christ to replace the lies with the truth of His Word. In John 3:3 it says, “…Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” I am born again and in so being, Christ has made me a new creation.

Last night I met with two newcomers to Celebrate Recovery. Each of them had come for different reasons, but both had come to find overcoming help. Both had been told, “this was the place you can find the help needed.” The day can come for each of them to have their own mess become a message of healing and overcoming. This is only true because of what Christ did so long ago for each one of us. What an amazing God we get to serve!

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