Later this morning I will be meeting with the young man whose mom use to work for me. He will be coming to my home which will allow us to talk openly without any fear of intrusion. I’ve prayed over this meeting and invited Jesus to be the Lead and His Holy Spirit to open our hearts and minds so we can share all which needs to be put on the table for rich confession and for healing to begin. It seems honoring to be having this conversation on the very day we celebrate when Jesus was entering the depths of hell and leaving our sins there to never be remembered again. How glorious this work Jesus did that day for us is!

At 1:00 pm today I am attending the celebration of life service for a lady who volunteered at my school for over 20 years. Her claim to fame was popping popcorn every Friday for all of these years. She was “Mama Popper” while her kids were at the site and then became “Grandma Popper” as her grandchildren began to attend. Her obituary gave her name and in parenthesis’s was “Grandma Popper”. She was definitely a faithful volunteer, but more than that, she was a spirit of love and giving which was seen every week as she did her work and loving embraced hundreds of children who needed a “grandma’s hug”. She stands out in my mind as one of God’s finest!

Already this morning my mind keeps wanting to go to a couple of items needing some work. However, just as soon as the thought comes it is checked with the need to set it aside so I can simply reflect on the immensity of Christ’s Work which wasn’t visible to man yet, but was taking place nonetheless on this day of remembrance. Man was mourning, Christ was conquering. Tomorrow we will truly Celebrate it but for today, I will grieve with thanksgiving in my heart for I was included in the work Christ was doing. I already know the outcome for tomorrow! Praise the Lord!

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