HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED!! I can only partially appreciate the magnitude of celebration for the Christ followers to find that early this morning He was no longer in the tomb! To go from deep mourning to triumphant celebration in one statement is inconceivable for man’s emotions. Just pondering this, I know I’d be asking, “What, What did you just say? Get out of my way, I’ve got to go check this out for myself–something isn’t right here.” At this point I’m sure they still didn’t know what we know today. He being out of the tomb only meant his body wasn’t there–but where was he? All of this is no longer a question for us. We know beyond a shadow of doubt where Christ was and what He had done. How much I praise HIM!

Each day of late has had its moments of addressing deep issues. The young man I met with yesterday morning revealed a good deal of hurt which he only stepped into for a moment. He talked about the “addiction” but he only mentioned a “hurt” behind it. My prayer is that he will get there and will come to the class we are starting a week from today. While I was at the funeral I had received a text message which I didn’t open until afterwards. A lady whose daughter is part of the gay society was asking if she’d done the right thing in telling her daughter what scripture said about her recent marriage to her partner? The mom’s actions had caused the daughter to not participate in her brother’s 25th wedding anniversary celebration. She said she had reminded her daughter that she loved her. I simply said that there are different ways to express ourselves in these cases. Her daughter already knows what scripture says about her choices. This daughter is nearing 50 years old and mom is in her 80’s. I won’t tell all that was said, but the last text message from the mom said that she had apologized to her daughter for acting like she was still a child. She would leave for her and God to work these other items out. She just wanted her daughter to know she loved her. Her daughter had responded telling her thank you for her explanation.

Easter is a celebration and a time for rejoicing! But, right beyond the celebration is an immense amount of work Christ is doing along with His Triune Team–God the Father and The Holy Spirit. This world is hurting from the effects of the sin Christ conquered. He wants us to join Him in helping those He prods us to come along side.

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