The Easter service was such a joyous experience yesterday. It was powerful and so heartwarming to be part of it.

As I was beginning my journaling for today I started to express to Jesus the amount of things to get done this week. Giving my testimony Thursday, the testimony/interview Saturday at the men’s breakfast, starting the Mending the Soul class next Sunday, training for our Celebrate Recovery leadership also next Sunday and then there’s the schools to go to and so on…. As I was starting to write this in my journal Jesus reminded me of the line in the Serenity Prayer–“one day at a time, one moment at a time….” He went on to say that this is the beginning of Trust. Stress is an absence of trust if I choose to stress rather than trust that it will all come together each at the right time. That’s all I needed to hear. With that I could let all these details go knowing I am the one who needs to follow through, but Jesus is the One I’m doing all of this for and He will take care of these details for which I was going to stress.

Yesterday morning I had arrived early for worship team and choir practice ahead of the service. When the practice was done I had about 15 minutes until the service would begin. I was looking over the bulletin when a hand was placed on my shoulder. As I looked, it was the lady who had text me Saturday afternoon about what she’d said to her daughter. She thanked me again for the advice and for the words to use. As we spoke a few minutes I was nudged to talk about the fact that homosexuality is a sin, but not the unpardonable sin. Also, struggling with homosexuality doesn’t make one a sinner. We all struggle with sinful nature. Stepping into the nature of the sin is sinning. This reminder was nice for the mom to hear and to know that her daughter’s struggle doesn’t automatically make her a sinner.

I believe God is wanting us to awaken and be reminded that His Son Jesus will judge. He has pointed out that we sin if we step into this role. Yes, we are to discern and be wise, but judging is not part of this. This is a genuine area of growth I and others need to stay close to.

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