The details of yesterday came together as though God were in charge! I write this because as I had written yesterday, I started to stress about all the details needing to be handled. There were several I hadn’t mentioned. They were ones to help others who had asked for assistance. In each case, they were addressed and completed in just a few minutes. God is truly a detailed God. We know that by the intricacies of all His creation and the precision in which all of it works together. I’m always amazed when I finally remember to let God handle the details and I simply do my part. He never fails.

I have three scriptures I’ve put on cards which I read each morning when I kneel to pray. One of these had a message I hadn’t been seeing until this morning. The scripture is Psalms 68:28 which reads: “Your God has commanded your strength. (Your might in His service is impenetrable hardness to temptation); Oh God display Your Might and Strengthen what You have wrought for us!” Amplified Bible. I was stricken earlier this year when I read this verse with the phrase that God’s Might is impenetrable hardness to temptation. I’ve never felt as though I had this kind of strength to battle temptations. I had to fight it with sheer will power and often failed trying to make this real. However, this verse doesn’t lie and God’s Word is POWER. So, I’ve been reading it daily claiming this Power for me. What stood out this morning for the first time were the three words–“in His service”. God’s Might while we are in His service is impenetrable hardness to temptation. I have battled so much temptation of late with all that has been coming together and today God opened my eyes to these three words–in His service. I know beyond any shadow of doubt that what is taking place is God’s service. I’ve feared the temptations in these times but reading this all together opened my eyes to a confidence I’ve not known, instead, it has been a hope. This morning I prayed in confidence rather than in fearful hope.

God’s Word is POWER and it is LIGHT. My mind saw LIGHT this morning which gave confidence rather than fear. How I love our God!

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