God’s healing is quite amazing. It often comes over time and one doesn’t catch it until, all of a sudden. one realizes the pain doesn’t exist any longer. I write this because as we stepped into the darkness of each one’s past yesterday in the class, each one disclosed a portion of their hurt and its lingering effects on them. As this was taking place I began to realize just how much healing God has done for me, far and above for which I have consciously been awake. The class of men were willing to take the risk of sharing and even responded well to a little nudge to share beyond an initial statement. I know this takes readiness and one’s response to The Holy Spirit’s work within each member of the class. It was confirming that now was the right time to start the class.

Today I head to one of the school districts. I go in faith more than anything because the work is undefined for the day. I am taking much which will occupy time, but specific needs for today are not disclosed at this point. I just know that God has this door still open for a reason where He tells me to trust Him. Details usually come as the day moves forward. It is then I say, “Oh, that is why You have me here.” God is all about FAITH and TRUST. I have to often be reminded of this, but each time I am I find that settled peace God promises.

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