I go through these periods of time when I’m uncertain of God’s purpose for the activity of the day. I suppose all of us have these days. Today is just the opposite. It is one where the intent is definite and I pray the outcome will be rich. Last week I met with the superintendent of the district and we set today’s agenda. It is a hard topic and conversation, yet hopefully it will be rich. I realize I’m being vague with details, but I can’t talk specifically about them. I do believe all of us relate to these times when we need to have difficult conversations. It is a time to be sure it is God’s agenda being met and He has been given the lead in it. I do look forward to today and to see how God works in it.

As the sun is coming up I can see just how windy the day is outside. It isn’t a pretty one. It matches some of today’s turmoil in reality. My prayer is that as we face the storm today we can do so well anchored knowing God is leading and not man.

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