It appears I did not enter a blog yesterday?? I know I had several things on my mind about the day from the time I got up, but I sure didn’t intend to leave this part out. My apologies. I suppose the journey has a day like this–but, hopefully not too often!

Yesterday had several unexpected blessings arise. I had changed my days with the one district since the principal and superintendent were gone Monday and Tuesday. The trip they’d taken also included 4 teacher leaders. They all came back very enthused about what they’d learned. Since both of these admin’s are not returning next year I was very pleased that the teachers are on board sustaining the work we have done the past three years. New leaders can quickly dissolve good work without even knowing it. I’ll work with these teacher leaders now in the interim to write the plan/goals for the coming year which new leaders can work with and hopefully embrace for their ensuing years.

This morning I have a man coming to meet with me. He talked with me last Sunday after service about some divisions in his family with siblings. This man is the age of my own children so he is not talking about his own children, but the siblings he grew up with. I’m not sure I even know this man’s family since he’s fairly new to our church. He heard me talk at the men’s breakfast a couple weeks ago which triggered him to want to “get my input” on whatever the issues are. This is one of the times when total surrender to God’s guidance is needed. After lunch I’m meeting with my prayer warrior. She and I haven’t sat down together for several weeks so I’ll be glad to share all that is taking place with her so she can better understand how to pray. I’m so grateful for her spiritual influence in my life.

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