God is always at work and so is His Mighty Team: Jesus and The Holy Spirit–THE THREE IN ONE. The meeting yesterday morning seemed to go fine. The gentleman who came talked at length of the family issues. It turns out I know the parents well but I do not know the children personally. I have only met some of them very briefly. We talked for a couple of hours and it was done. As I journaled this morning I was asking Jesus about what was missing from yesterday? He quickly reminded me that we aren’t always planting seeds in fertile soil when we are addressing issues in life. Often we have to expose the issues as weeds which need to be pulled, darkness which needs Light and the sources of weeds and darkness. There was much of this discussed. As I met with my prayer warrior in the afternoon she had already made a copy for me of a prayer declaration–Blessings Upon Your House. This was without even knowing of the morning’s visit. As I read the declaration I knew God was at work. When I got home I took a picture of it and sent to the gentleman. Penetrating Satan’s darkness with God’s LIGHT is always the right place to get started.

Our day ended with our weekly Celebrate Recovery. There is a new sound system in the youth room we use which has made worship tense for the past few weeks trying to figure out how things work. The two trained for it aren’t there when we practice so we set a training for us yesterday ahead of practice. It was amazing. We also had a new drummer yesterday who is young and understood the technology instantly. Our practice was as worshipful as the actual time with the group. All I could do was say–THANK YOU JESUS!

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