Jesus is always at work and He wants us to be part of it as He nudges us. I am reminded of this so often. Our men’s share group in Celebrate Recovery is encouraged to stay in touch with one another during the week when one is struggling or praising God for a prayer’s answer. This hadn’t been happening. I was nudged to create a phone list which we now carry with us. Since getting that done I’ve been contacted each week by different members. We also talk about doing this more now that we have the list. It’s amazing how one little step is all that is needed for others to take an important little step on their part. It all starts with obeying The Holy Spirit’s nudge.

Today is a day of helping my oldest grandson. It is fun to spend time with him these days ahead of his going into the air force. He always has interesting questions and comments which help me understand the younger generation. I well remember having similar conversations with ones I trusted at that point in my life. A good listener who listens to understand is a lot like the wisdom Solomon wrote about in Proverbs 24:3-7.

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