Today the youngest Lewis brother turns 70. He and I are the same age until I turn 71 on July 1. I think that makes us twins for almost 2 months! He is the plumber, mechanic and carpenter and I’m the educator. I’m no good at what he does and he cares nothing for what I do. However, as brothers, he’s the best! We made a pact when we were young boys to help each other stay on track in life so we didn’t have to experience some of the hard knocks we saw our oldest ones have. So far we have stayed true to it. He’s celebrating with his own kids today and the “older party” will be on Saturday. We will start early so we can get our naps in!!

God is so GOOD! Today I am home with a mile long list of things to get done. My grandson also wants me to come and help him with his yard which I enjoy, but…. Then I took all of this to God and He reminded me to stay focused on Him and let the details come together as He orchestrates. My stewing gets nothing done and usually interferes with the joy of doing what I love–gardening! So, with that reminder from God I gave the list to Him and told Him I’d go with Him today. He’s a far better Leader!

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