The weekend is past and it seems as though it was a whirlwind–which it was actually. So many people here and so much going on. When everyone finally went home last night my heart was happy that all went well, but my body was simply ready to go to bed. I am amazed over and over again how intimate God is taking care of all the details. These details are truly about relationships becoming healthy.

My grandson is now with the Air Force. He flies to San Antonio, TX this morning and basics begins. His mom and I drove him to Boise after all of our family gathered around him and prayed for him. It was a most touching time experiencing everyone’s good-byes to him. Once again, it showed the importance of family and relationships. There is also the importance of God being at the heart of a family’s relationships. He becomes the one true priority keeping a family focused on being healthy with Him and with each other.

The Mending the Soul class met yesterday morning as we do. I am nothing but amazed how open the men are. My heart grieves when it hears what each man has kept buried for so many years and the damage it has created within their belief systems. Yet, I KNOW God’s healing touch is waiting as His Light begins to penetrate into this darkness. My own journey takes on new meaning as we have each class session. God IS SO GOOD!

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