There are a few things in life I’ve been uncertain I’d ever do. One of them is a zipline. Well, today I’m doing this with our kids and grandkids from Oklahoma. So, if you read no more posts, well, you can easily know why! (Actually, I’m looking forward to it).

For several weeks now I’ve felt as though my journey is taking a twist from its original intent. When I started writing this my entire purpose was to continue putting definition to living a life in freedom from the bondage of abuse and, in some cases, continuing to find the freedom not yet found. Of late, it seems more of my writing has been about helping others find their own freedom. I write this and think that all along my intent has been to help others. However, the difference is that now I no longer feel the bondage and no longer have that nudge to hide what I once did have. It is as though I’m living in LIGHT which can see darkness when it comes. Before, I seemed to live in darkness and recognized LIGHT when it came. It is a huge shift, and today I can finally put words to it.

I love how God is continuously at work!

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