Well, I’m writing today’s blog so you can know I made it on the zipline! The funny thing was that there were four legs to it meaning there were four times we had to step off the landing into open space trusting that single cable to transport us to the next. Well, in each case it did and I’m here to tell you–“it’s worth it!” Well, worth it with the kids, not worth it to just go do.

My devotional reading this morning was addressing care. The scripture was Psalms 55:22, “Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you.” What was brought out in the reading was a twist I’d never thought through before. The twist was what we do when we DON’T cast our cares on the Lord. In these cases we most often run to sinful activities to relieve the stress of the cares not cast away. Most of the things which bring people to Celebrate Recovery would be part of the “sins” used to hide the cares.

I’ve always read verses like this as “nice ones”. God is thoughtful I’d think. I know better than to leave any verse in the category of simply thoughtful. God is ALMIGHTY GOD. Of course He is thoughtful. But, He gives us verses as this so He can replace these cares we worry and fear with genuine TRUST. I’m learning this truth these days for more people than just myself. TRUST GOD. That is what He is telling us to do.

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