The book of Jeremiah is filled with prophecies which he gave to the people, primarily to the king so that they could be saved from the prophesied warnings . It just didn’t matter how many times they saw God’s message through Jeremiah fulfilled, they still turned their backs and did the opposite. The consequences were just what Jeremiah had told them. They don’t get it, I think. Then, as soon as I think that I am prompted by God’s Spirit to remember the things I’ve recently done which were of my prompting, my selfishness. Did God prompt them or did I know God would not be pleased? It is then that I know I’m no different than any other man. My struggles are the same. I’m still working on my actions so that they better reflect God’s promptings rather than my own. We always have a choice. I sure want to better choose for Him and not for me as my journey continues.

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