This journey never stops until the day of our human death. The reality of that truly hit home yesterday. When we started the Mending the Soul class a couple months ago I told the men that our commitment needed to be to stay awake to our past each and every day. In so doing God could work with us each day on our overcoming and not just in class once a week for1.5 hours. I thought I’d learned that habit well over the past few years. However, last Sunday’s awakening to sexual abuse opened my own eyes to the reality that I hadn’t put this to practice here. My own practice is to talk about it when necessary and act like it never happened as soon as I walk away from any conversation. Yesterday’s conversation with Jesus allowed me to see myself as a created human who had been sexually abused in his childhood. Yet, in my older adulthood I was free to not only talk about it but stay awake to it without it destroying my inner beliefs of human worth. God is bringing more healing as I apply new discipline to my day to day living. Staying awake to my past doesn’t mean I have to fight the past anymore. God really does want to fight this battle–in fact, the battle has been fought and Christ won!

I’ve said a few times that I need to write a follow up to my autobiography which would be Living in Freedom. My first book’s third part was Finding Freedom. Almost six years after publishing my book I’m finding that living in freedom still has finding more freedom as the journey continues. God is never done bringing us more glory as we live for Him and commit to Him. PRAISE GOD!

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