The book of Ezekiel is striking. God is giving him graphic pictures of the consequences for Israel’s rebellion against Him. Ezekiel is obedient and giving this to the captives since they have been removed from their homeland and brought to this foreign land. Even though the people are being held responsible for their sins of past and present God told them He’d given them an opportunity to let their hearts turn from hearts of stone to hearts of flesh. Ezekiel 11:19.

Several years ago (about10) I was in therapy–EMDR for PTSD. God during this time had me reading Ezekiel and I read this verse and this promise. I couldn’t fathom a heart of flesh at that time. I literally saw my heart as a polished, stainless bucket which could be filled with God’s love or my selfishness. The fact that my heart pumped the lifeblood throughout my body meant nothing. In the last few years I’ve found this heart of flesh through the continued healing God gives. When we allow ourselves to be tools in God’s Hands He can take our life experiences and let them be Light for another, giving them life where they felt dead.

Last night at our quartet practice a lady filling in for our piano player said she’d just read my book. She thought she was reading her own husband’s story. She is sending the book to him since they are separated presently. We prayed he’d read this and see his own bondage. Instead of hiding behind the shame of his past, he’d reach out for the help God is wanting to offer. I know this hiding all too well and I also know the healing God gives once we begin to surrender each day’s bondage to Him. A heart of flesh God has been helping me to see. This heart pumps life (God’s Light) into darkness where life feels dead and even prays for death. How I love the way our God works!

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