Totally surrendered. These two words have been what God is teaching me of late. In my own pride I’ve said to myself that I am surrendered to God’s Will. However, it has also been easy for me to back away from some things God has put before me. I tell myself that I am already doing much for God (in my own mind) so He won’t care that much if I say no to this one thing. Boy, doesn’t that sound like man and his thinking?

In the past few days God has been challenging me to fully commit and remove this negotiating from my behaviors. Jesus didn’t negotiate his behaviors with His Father and God doesn’t want me/us to do it either. In fact, the only time Jesus attempted to negotiate (in the garden when He prayed that God would remove this death from him) He then said, “Not my will but Thine be done.” These are the words I have told God many times but I am quick to question it if I am fearful or unsure.

Trusting God fully has been a huge lesson which life is not done teaching me. What trusting God looks like is total commitment each and every day. Today, I’ve made my commitment. Tomorrow, well, I’ll need to do it again.

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