Yesterday’s Mending the Soul class brought about a new reality for me. We were tackling the topic of “the abuser”. Even though I’ve done this a couple times before, what I hadn’t realized until yesterday is that I have been in the first stage of grief–Denial–regarding this topic. It was amazing to see that each and every man in the group had a difficult time working through the content of the chapter. In every case, the abuser is someone we know and in most cases, someone we know well from our own family. It is one thing to know one is/has been abused. It is entirely another thing to call the person we know well an abuser. I can do this in my head but in my heart I don’t want to label them as such. Yet, I also know that each one of them is human and they made choices which did much harm. Being awake to this reality is good, but very tough.

After our Celebrate Recovery’s monthly meeting yesterday afternoon, one of our leaders wanted to talk. As I listened to her story I realized she was needing prayer. It appears she is dealing with an evil spirit. I’ve set up a meeting with our prayer warrior for Wednesday afternoon so we can pray over her and command this evil presence to leave. I’ve had this done for me a few years back and now I know beyond a shadow of doubt God is wanting this to take place for this lady. In the POWER OF JESUS this evil must leave. God is so GOOD!

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