Yesterday was an interesting day. I met first thing in the morning with a lady I’ve worked with in a number of different settings. We hadn’t met for about a year and she was wanting to get caught up. Following that I had an eye appointment where I was told that little has changed and for “someone my age” I’m fortunate to have such good eyes. I then went to meet with my prayer warrior–Lois. She will be the one leading the prayer for the lady I mentioned yesterday. Lois wanted to have more info regarding the background. There are insecurities here on our part, but we know that the strength for this doesn’t come from flesh but from The Holy Spirit within and that we do this in the Name of Jesus! Lastly, the young man facing divorce sent me a lengthy text I didn’t see until this morning for it came well after my bedtime. Today could be the day when things finalized, yet the other half is now looking to make things more complicated and ugly.

I know that I am not to carry these burdens myself, but I am to give them to Jesus for He wants to carry them for us. He is also the answer for all of this. As I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today instantly the words of a song I’ve sung in years past came to mind. These words are: “My name is Jesus. I know this road. I’ve paid the price for you. I’ll carry your load. I’ve just come from Calvary, My work there is o’er. My Name is Jesus–your not lost anymore.” This was the song’s chorus. The verse said, “I journeyed by myself along a lonesome road. My heart was full of fear for I had lost my way. When all at once I saw a man who walked toward me. He smiled then lovingly, I heard this stranger say:….” This was a wonderful reminder that the work is already done and my role is to “Trust & Obey” for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, than to Trust and Obey–another great hymn.

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