My wife’s youngest brother has been one God has used over and over in my life these past many years. He is the one who introduced me to Celebrate Recovery several years ago. A few years later he introduced me to the many curriculums we now use in our Restoration Ministry at church. These address: sexual integrity, victims of sexual abuse, homosexuality, and spouses of sexual addiction.

Yesterday, as he and I talked, he challenged me to consider stepping into one to one counseling. The center where he has does group leading started using him as a counselor a couple years ago and he sees me doing similarly. I often meet with men one to one at their requests, but I always send them to someone “competent” for their real counseling. I do not know where this might lead, but what I know is that before coming on this little trip, God asked me to be ready to listen and respond to His leading. He will nudge me.

Obeying God’s nudge is the desire of my heart. The voices of my past want to scream things like, “Oh you still just want to make a name for yourself.” I know this isn’t the case and I even know this is no longer true from the voice of my dad. It is simply Satan’s minions wanting to stifle God’s Kingdom work. So, I will move forward and see what doors open as I seek daily God’s leadership in my life.

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