Have you ever noticed that our daily journey doesn’t necessarily coincide with our wishes? I use to think that when this happened I was being punished for something I didn’t know I’d done wrong, but I should look and see what it was and repent for it. Well, that was likely true some of the time, but there are other times when the daily wishes simply need to be set aside for the greater purposes of God within the day.

Yesterday I was with the new site I took starting this school year. It was a professional development day for them and I had a consultant working with them regarding an area of instruction for which they needed improvement. The day went extremely well. On my way home I thought I’d call my dear sis so we could talk while I was on the road. We not only talked while I was on the road but for over an hour when I got home. I had no idea we would have so much to talk about! I was wanting to get home so I could crash. Instead, I got home and talked for over an hour with my sis and then I took one of my grandson’s to dinner at the suggestion of my wife. By the time I got home from this I did crash. I wouldn’t have wanted to do either of these in my own selfishness, but God’s greater purpose was just what happened and I’m so grateful it did.

God is AMAZING. Little did I ever know how much He cares about every detail of our lives. I’m learning these things in my older years, but I encourage any reader to listen and respond to God’s nudges. They are always a better plan than the one we would take.

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