I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus. This morning for no apparent reason, I was sluggish when I got up and began my journaling. I told this to Jesus and He instantly reminded me to look up. Had I forgotten already all that He has done? Had I forgotten for a moment all that He does which no one seemingly gives any attention to–seasons, sun, moon and stars, the rain in due season and so much more? As I was reminded of all the handiwork of God my sluggishness turned into thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for!

Our quartet practiced yesterday morning for a couple of hours. We are singing this coming weekend for a big gospel jamboree that a lady hosts annually in her barn. It is a tremendous event which usually attracts 130-150 people. She feeds everyone. Last night as I was getting ready for bed I got a text saying our piano player is symptomatic and wanted us to know. This led to a flood of text messages from everyone questioning much. I wish we could put all of this in our past, but it keeps rearing its ugly head into our present. I know this is why God was reminding me to keep my eyes looking up to Him. We are to live in this world and be a messenger to others for God. Yet, our hope is not in this world, it is in God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

My heart is at peace now and I’m ready to face today knowing the things of the world will not control my life. I have given this over to God. I will need to do this again each and every day, but that is exactly what God is wanting me to do!

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