My grandson left our home at 4:00 am headed to Denver. He is on his trek to Florida where he will be living on base for the next 1.5 years receiving his training for his area of expertise in the Air Force. He’s coming home for Christmas which will be another treat for everyone. All of us were together last yesterday afternoon and evening to send him off.

Yesterday morning I met with just one of the men in our Mending the Soul class. Several were gone so we cancelled class. However, this one gentleman was staying home and needed to catch up on a lesson he missed. It was Shame. I knew he was missing it because Satan didn’t want him opening himself to this powerful control he had over him–the power of shame. However, for over 2 hours he and I faced some real demons he has needed to accept as real in his life. He hadn’t wanted to admit they were true for him, but the curriculum of this class does force one to either look directly into these issues or turn directly away from them. Yesterday, with The Holy Spirit’s help he began to face them. I know personally every step he is needing to face having needed to address them in my own recovery. At the end of class he thanked me for taking the time to work this through with him. I told him just what Celebrate Recovery has taught me–our mess becomes God’s message for others. This will be true for him in the near future.

Isn’t our God Wonderful!

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