Yesterday morning I went to see my prayer warrior. It had been over a month since we’d spent time together. What was to be an hour turned into two. She diligently prays for our men in the class Mending the Soul. As I began to tell her about the issues they were facing I simply became overwhelmed myself. It was as though I was sitting in my old chair with my counselor/therapist facing my own demons all over again. I didn’t realize I was carrying such weight for them. I needed to let it go and I did so. I must admit it is overwhelming at times to hear your own story from another knowing the grief they will need to come through to find the victory on the other side. Yet, I wouldn’t want it any other way for that path through the grief is so cleansing as well as freeing. I must remember to rejoice in the grief knowing the grief is the proof of stepping out of denial and facing the reality of abuse and its effects.

The day will come when these men will be using their own story for the help of another. God is like that. He knows how to take our ugly past and turn it into a pathway to peace for another who is ready to face their own struggle. How good God is!

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