Today is the birthday of my oldest living brother. He turns 85 today. His wife is very focused on their role of keeping our family united and connected. I love them for this. Happy birthday Herb!

The journey through the weekend has been tough. Strife is never easy to work through or to witness when ones are close to you. As I brought this to Jesus this morning in my journaling He immediately reminded me that it is these times He uses to His honor and glory. I just need to release all of it to His Work and not try to make it my own. My role is to first and foremost keep my eyes on Him. He is the Healer and Restorer to Health. I have witnessed this so many times, but today I needed the reminder again. I do love how faithful and true our Lord Jesus is!

The book of John is often called the book of Jesus’ Love. There is something about John and his makeup which allowed him to connect to the love of Jesus early on. His book highlights the Love of Jesus like no other does. He is the writer who uses the term–“Jesus wept” when Jesus was addressing Lazarus’ family when Jesus was about to restore him to life. It is such a tender moment when one sheds tears over one he loves. It brings out a connection between Jesus and man that is rarely seen. He loves His creation and sheds tears over our agony. He is our GREAT HEALER and RESTORER TO HEALTH! How I Praise Him!

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