My devotional, Bible reading today was John 13. In this chapter Jesus prepares to wash the disciples feet. As He was preparing to do this He was also telling the disciples why He was going to do this. Then, He added they should do this for one another.

I’ve always read this in past as a genuine showing of love from Jesus to His disciples. Today, when I read this I had this picture flash through my mind of Christ preparing to wash my own feet. I quickly got rid of the picture but I kept sensing The Holy Spirit’s nudge to return to it. I finally stopped reading and asked Christ to show me what I needed to face. The filth of my past journey has my feet too dirty. Let me do the washing, I told Him. But, He simply said He was taking care of that filth. That is what love does–My Love. It was then that I relented to letting Christ wash my feet. What a humbling, yet loving experience this is.

I don’t know about you, but this awoke in me the beauty of God’s Love for each of us. There are so many things we are willing to do for someone else, but helping one with their ugly sinfulness is the purest form of love. This is just what Christ has done and He is asking us to do this for one another.

The book of John is called the Love Book. This is one of those tremendous examples of why it is called this.

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