Today as I awoke I did so with gloom and dread at my door. I’m leaving today to work with the district in Montana and I am going alone–driving 3 hours on my own with google maps and working with a new group of people addressing with them what needs to be improved. Along with that, I’m leaving here at home some issues I wish were in a healthier place. So, as I began my journaling I told God I was battling all of this and I was then reminded to surrender it. As I started my devotional reading it was all about fear being a sin and it needs to be replaced with faith. Lastly, as I began my scripture reading in John 14, Jesus is telling the disciples how important it is to have faith in what He is teaching them. There would be a good deal of trouble awaiting them, but to never fear it, face it with FAITH!

All of a sudden my fears were replaced with anticipation. I could see this person walking into this new district accompanied with a Savior, a Lord and Master who is Faithful to the end. He is the Light needed to know how to move forward with the work at hand. I also saw that as I leave this morning I am doing so with the Hands of Jesus already surrounding the ones I love taking care of every detail. At this point I saw the fear I’ve known all of my life as an ugly sin. I recognized it, rejected it and God has replaced it with a deep appreciation and love for Him and a confidence that I can go where He leads me confident I am not abandoning home for He is already my home’s Protector and Savior.

Wow, all of this is a new reality for which I am most grateful! God has moved this reality from my head to my heart. God is LOVE! He wants so much for us to recognize this and today I am awake to it far more than I have ever been. To GOD be all Glory!

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