Today is one of my grandson’s 18th birthday. I hate being away for this great occasion, but we will all celebrate it together on Sunday. He is a great young man and I am honored to call him my grandson. Happy Birthday Hayden!

Tonight is our kickoff for Celebrate Recovery. It is the start of our 14th year. This is the first kickoff I will have missed. I got a message from my granddaughter who is working the youth program for Celebrate Recovery this year. She and her boyfriend will do this together. Her message is that he is sick and doesn’t want to expose it to anyone. I should be prepared for these attacks knowing Satan hates this ministry. So this morning I put it in God’s Hands. Only He is able to address this evil with His Purity and Light. Tonight will be a time of God being blessed and honored. Satan never wins when he has to face God’s Love and Light.

Today I will walk into the schools which God has given to me to give assistance here in Montana. I was informed last night about the needs for which some are deeply rooted. However, there is no gardener like God for uprooting weeds. I look forward to be a gardening assistant today. There is nothing any prettier than a well-groomed, productive garden. That is what God intended for each of our schools to be!

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