As I went into yesterday I had no idea that “the garden” I wrote about was the right descriptor. The school (being compared to a garden) had been tilled, the right seeds were present and all of the fertilizer was ready to be applied. However, what had not been addressed is the “thistle patch”. If you know thistles you know that you can dig them out and even spray them, but their roots go so deep they will reappear and choke out any crop. They also have these thorny leaves making them difficult for anyone to address. The thistle patch was identified yesterday and a plan of action was prepared. The evidence of the patch and the roots of it were made known. All of the other work of the day was set aside in order to complete this. All of us were emotionally spent by last night, but it was a “spent” well worth taking place.

God is interested in every detail of our living. This truth about this is very evident. Today as I go to the other school I pray for the same to happen. The site has very different needs, but hindrances need to be identified so they do not block the first and only purpose of schools–to educate well all students within them.

I will be heading home tonight. When I was questioning myself the first part of this week about being here, I was reminded by God to look up to Him and release my fear knowing fear is a temptation and it is a sin if I respond to it rather than to what God has asked me to do. Now that I’m here and walking the path God intended I know why Satan wanted me to act on the fear. I also thank God that He is the Gardener Who knows just how to handle Satan’s thistle patches. I love gardening with this Master Gardener!

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