It is good to be home. The trip to Montana is like a time warp as I think about it now. Anytime I go like this and work morning, noon, night and then immediately return, I feel this way. However, no matter what the feeling is, I rejoice in the Light God shed. Each site has a plan for moving forward along with a plan to clean out what is needed. I love the fact that the majority of them are believers so God’s Name can be used with agreement.

Yesterday I journaled something that I don’t want to reveal because it doesn’t need to be known by some readers. However, it was a tender message from my heart to Him and I just wasn’t sure what He would do with it. As I was driving home last night from the airport my wife was telling me some things which had taken place in my absence. One of those messages was my journaling request to God. As I write this now I just well up inside. God is such a tender-loving God. He cares so deeply about the souls of man. No matter the issues at hand, God wants to help us work through them so we can know Him as our Intimate God who cares deeply about His creation–us! How I Praise Him for this tender, caring nature.

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