Yesterday I finished the gospels so today I began reading the book of Acts. I love the discoveries I continue to find at this age in my life. I often wish I could have been this awake at a much younger age! The title of the book, Acts, tells us it is time to take Action. However, the command of Jesus was to wait in prayer until The Holy Spirit has come upon you. I remember all too well saying I can move forward with “this” because I know what to do. I just need to wait on this one because I don’t know what to do. I was missing a major ingredient and that was the timing of God. When The Holy Spirit opens the door for action, I have found that I know this within from His nudge. It is different than my adrenalin telling me to take care of this. God wants His Son Jesus to lead in every aspect of our lives through His Gift of The Holy Spirit. I am never to separate out where I need The Holy Spirit. If I am living fully for God I need Him in every aspect of my life and from Him I need to respond by waiting or taking action.

The disciples had Jesus with them for 3 years. Then, they were without Him and told to wait until this anointing of The Holy Spirit. Learning to live from The Spirit’s leadership in our lives is very different from responding to an external motivation. Our own selfish nature is what we know first and foremost. Learning to discipline ourselves to hold in check our own desires until we know the nudge of The Holy Spirit is a genuine step of spiritual maturity. For me it is not a one time lesson. But, God is patient!

The desire of my heart is to not only know The Holy Spirit but to also trust Him completely in every aspect of my living. He is the very essence of Jesus living with the disciples for the 3 years. Yet, we get Him within us always. Today I give to Him every room in my life so I can serve God hitting on all cylinders.

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