Today Kathy and I celebrate 39 years of marriage. Attempting marriage again was a huge step for me and if it weren’t for some tremendous encouragement from my oldest sis I would likely have passed this opportunity to know what God had in store for the two of us. God knew Kathy was His choice to walk by my side and for me to walk by her side all the time looking to Him for leadership. I’m so very grateful I listened to God and to my sis!

Last night’s Celebrate Recovery experience was very rewarding. It is tough for anyone to hear the message that in order to be strong in recovery, we must first admit we are powerless to do anything about it on our own. It was rewarding and encouraging to hear the ones talk this message in our share group time. Some were new to the ministry so they were hearing this for the first time. Yet, in their sharing the message gave them genuine hope that they can do this knowing they must first admit and then trust our God to provide the Power we do not have.

This battle is already won in God’s realm. He waits for each of us to find this reality and then surrender the battle to Him. There are many more steps for us to take, but, this is the big one. It is the one that begins to let the Light of Jesus penetrate the darkness we have tried to fight on our own.

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