It was an enjoyable day yesterday. Last night we went out to dinner with close friends. She has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and has been quite fearful of treatment options. When Kathy and I were in Branson the week before I had found a necklace with a pendant which read–Fear Not (Isaiah 41:10). I had purchased it and we gave it to her last night. It was gratifying to see her response. She said she had wanted something to wear as a witness during all the treatment time, like the angel pin some wear. She said this fit her perfectly since she struggles with fear so often.

Thursday of this week I was asked by a consulting firm in Montana to do a monthly zoom session for their school administrators who are seeking help. The firm has consultants who work with teachers, but I’ve been their first to work with admin. I had already committed to do a session for their instructional coaches helping them know how to address some of the admin issues. This led to them wanting something more direct for the admin. I had told the caller that I’d have to ponder this and see what God says.

This morning I spent time asking God for clarity from Him about taking on this assignment. The first thing that hit my mind was, “Do you know what would need to be brought out in the monthly sessions?” For this question I simply said yes. I then heard in my mind, “Then what clarity do you need? The problem is not whether you could do this. The problem is tied to your identity. Do you believe you could do this?” When I heard this I knew immediately this is true. I’ve doubted this value all of my person all of my life. I’ve tried to create value, but nothing one does brings the value we already have in being a new creation. I’m not ready to say yes at this point, but I have a much clearer picture in my mind now as to what I must face in order to fully address the commitment.

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