The power of obedience is something to be strongly considered. Not only the power of obedience, but the influence of obedience coupled with the power of it, is huge.

Today is our monthly Celebrate Recovery meeting. I am doing a training from the book I’ve mentioned several times in past posts called I Give You Authority. The chapter is “Using Your Authority Responsibly”. I’ve wanted to address this chapter with our group because so many of us who come to Celebrate Recovery suffer from value–self-worth. We undermine our value to man and particularly our value in God’s eyes. I’ve struggled with this seemingly forever. However, God has been helping me trust like I’ve never trusted before and have faith knowing it is not about me, but Him.

To use our authority responsibility we have to overcome this fear of no value and replace it with trust/faith. This in and of itself is another “one step at a time–one moment at a time” (from Serenity Prayer). One of the authorities we have is power of Satan’s attacks through Jesus Christ. Not only do we need to believe this for ourselves, but for others too. Obedience plays a huge part in acting on this. If I am nudged to pray over someone and I say I’m not worthy to pray over this person, I am acting in disobedience if I let my fear/belief stop me.

As leaders in Celebrate Recovery this realization is big. People come to find hope for their recovery. If we are modeling the lack of faith and letting fear rule, the modeling we portray has consequences we never want taking place. Its a sobering lesson, but one I’ve sure needed to learn and one we all need to address personally in our daily living.

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