Yesterday was one filled with insights. In Mending the Soul class the topic had arisen about why God doesn’t step into stopping the abuse of a child? Why does He let this happen? I had given the group 50+ verses that provide insight about God giving man choice and God providing a way of escape. I do know that this topic is one which has to be worked through by every victim of abuse. I am no different. I will say that the more one faces abuse and the wounds left from it, the more one sees man separated from the healing work of Jesus Christ replacing the wounds with freedom from the bondage of it. This is certainly a process, but it one worth taking.

The training in Celebrate Recovery about the Power of Prayer was likewise very insightful. As we processed the material, the insights of binding Satan through the Power of Prayer loomed to the forefront. Each and every week the work of Satan is brought inside the room for which we meet. He wants to keep each victim locked in their beliefs even though they have taken the step to come. We as leaders need to remember to pray over our meeting place and bind Satan through the Power of Jesus Christ for he has to flee in Christ Jesus’ presence.

These great reminders are so important. We often get caught in little details like the amount of food, the materials on the tables, etc., when in reality, the importance of the spiritual tasks far outweigh these details. I sure want to remember this.

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