This morning’s devotional time focused me on something I don’t often do. The devotional I am using this year asked that the reader read Psalms 119 to wrap your heart, mind and spirit around it’s message. It is in this chapter we are told 7 times to mediate on the precepts of God (in other words, on the Laws found in God’s Word). So, rather than continue my reading in Romans, I paused and read this chapter. I knew it was the “long” chapter in Psalms and that was all I could recall.

God has been challenging me to see Him differently than I have for quite some time now. I have grown a good deal in my view of Him too. However, as I began to read Psalms 119 I immediately remembered always reading this book as the one that repeatedly tells me to live by God’s Laws. What I was missing was the meditating on this message. The Father who is telling us to live by His Laws is doing this with a very important reason. For, when we live within the Law–Precepts, we live in peace and contentment. I also know that within this way of living is Trust, Faith, Hope and Believing.

I have always seen God’s Laws as controlling. Not until now do I begin to see them as freeing. Having good boundaries for living each day is greatly important and that is exactly why God has given us His Laws. My interpretation in past has been as though my own father gave these laws to me. To recognize that God my Father has given them takes on an entirely new picture. I will meditate on God’s Word, God’s Laws for I want to grow in this understanding and wisdom.

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