This morning’s journey starts quite early as I head to the airport to work with the school district in Montana. I was concerned yesterday with the work in the one school I’ve taken on in our valley this year. However, just as each week comes I am impressed with the commitment of the staff. Also, when there needs to be a difficult conversation because of the changes that need to be made, the conversation is received openly. This is such a good sign of one’s capability to overcome.

As I write this I think just how applicable this is to one’s recovery. I’ve needed to have many difficult conversations with myself from counselors/therapists in my past. Yet, my willingness to accept the message and act on it determines God’s strength given to me for my own overcoming. God is so patient with us waiting for our hearts and minds to be ready to “receive the message” and then act on it. I want to stay faithful to this the rest of my life.

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