If you are like me at all, you sometimes wonder how living out Romans 8 is possible. Paul does a fabulous job outlining the transformation from living in the flesh to living in the Spirit. It all begins when we accept Jesus as our Savior and then begin to live with Jesus as our Lord.

This morning as I was journaling I asked Jesus how this transformation actually takes place? How did He do this? Immediately I was given a word picture which was like this—-. Jesus said, when I gave My Life on the Cross for you I then created the capability for God to now see you as the perfect creation He made you to be originally. So when you accept Me as your Savior and live for Me as your Lord, God sees you as the perfect child He created. This isn’t dependent now on what you do, for I have already done it! This isn’t just a possibility, it is a fact. I’ve known this in my own mind for a long time, but today it was like my committed mind to Christ heard it and made it true (a fact) for me.

I had no idea just how much damage my childhood abuse did to my belief system until I came face to face with my disbeliefs regarding the promises of scripture. But, I can honestly say that these promises of scriptures are not just to be hope, they are fact. Living life with God’s Holy Spirit leading each and every day will eventually bring us to the complete truths of God’s promises. They are not eventual truths for living in heaven, they are truths for living each and every day today!

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