This morning as I began my journaling I ended by asking the question I do each day of Jesus. “What do You want me to know from You for today? His response was unusual but immediate. He asked, “Do you know that I love you?” He usually has more to say than a question but that seemed to be it for this morning. I started to respond to say that I did, but I started to take a look at my actions towards love and began to realize just how much I don’t know about love. So, I wrote that I know about love but living through my childhood where love was never addressed, I learned to isolate myself from abuse and I called isolation safe.

This morning my mind began to open to what ladies call the man cave. I’ve always pushed that statement aside thinking it is silly. Yet, this morning I realized that my man cave is the place I go to be safe–isolation. I do this mentally whether I’m in a crowd or alone. It is safe and it is relaxing. I don’t find myself doing this nearly as often as I use to do, but I sure recognize it.

This morning I felt challenged to face love and I asked Jesus to awaken me to it. I’m not sure what this is all about, but I do look forward to being awake to it. Receiving love is something I’ve been told I don’t do well, so now I’m ready to accept this truth and to grow into knowing and receiving love as well as giving it. What a morning!

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