Today’s entry is rather late in being written. My three days in Montana were productive and almost like a whirlwind. There is much to address and limited time to do it so all I think about for those three days is the work to be completed. Well, something I should have been thinking about is my return trip. I needed to drive 2 hours to get to the airport and when I looked at my itinerary I saw a time which I kept in my head. The problem was the time I saw was the time I would land, not the time I would take off. So, my arrival to the airport was too late to catch the flight. The other thing I hadn’t noticed was that my carrier going to Montana wasn’t the same carrier I returned with. (I really do need a secretary!) Fortunately, the airline agent was most thoughtful and got me on the last flight to home but it got me home at midnight rather than 8:00 pm. I’m rummy this morning, but I’m so grateful for thoughtful people who have their act together when I don’t!

This item of love I wrote about yesterday has been addressed again this morning in my devotions. The idea that God invites us to “sup” with Him, “dine” with Him is something to ponder. When we are invited to dine with a friend they want to not just eat with you. They want to delve deeply into life with you because you are a “trusted” friend. This is not different with God. He WANTS to dine with me (us) and He invites us to do so. We just have to show up and wake up to this truth. This is such a great indication of LOVE. Light is shining into an area I’ve shied away from far too long. Thank you Jesus!

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