In the 2nd verse of The Refiner’s Fire it says: “I’m learning now to trust His touch, to crave the fire’s embrace….” It seemed God was wanting me to ponder this as He wouldn’t let it go this morning. I’ve never been one for simply touch. Hugs–yes. Touch–no. Well, as I began to allow myself to see Jesus laying my head on His chest and simply holding me there, I saw myself relax instead of becoming tense and uptight. I’d never pictured this before for me. It was then that the meaning of the second part of the phrase, “to crave the fire’s embrace” began to take root.

When fire is enveloping anything it engulfs it and opens it up getting to the core of whatever it is burning. As the fire has begun to embrace me and consume the protective cover around me I’ve had all of my life, I find a boy who is wishing to be held. He doesn’t have any fear of it as this adult has always had. When Jesus opened His arms to this boy he went into His arms.

This fire of our Refiner is consuming. But, just as silver and gold is purified with intense heat, we are too. The fire didn’t consume this little boy–it revealed him. The beauty of God’s creation is found each and every time when we allow Him to “have his way with thee”.

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