Between yesterday and today I have had such a heaviness for family. My sis Bonnie in California is back in the hospital. They don’t know if she had a seizure, stroke or something else, but she had been down for many hours before she was found by her older son. I talked to all of them last night a couple of times and it is yet to be determined. One of my nephews is headed to Portland today for his stem-cell transplant this coming Friday. He is admitted into the hospital tomorrow for the preparations. My sister in law is going into the hospital tomorrow here locally for a growth in her upper colon/lower intestines. A friend’s dad died over the weekend and another friend is in Reno having breast cancer treatment. All of these very close to me are needing assurance that God is their Comforter and Healer.

For a moment this morning I needed God to remind me He Is GOD. He did just that! He is not only God, but He is also my dearest Friend who lives within me and around me. This isn’t just true for me but it is true for everyone of my family members, friends and all others who have invited Him into their lives. What a wonderful assurance and comfort this is. Today, I TRUST in our ALMIGHTY GOD!

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