Yesterday was one of those days where I sit back at the end of it and thank God He gave it to me. As winter is approaching I only truly rest when my yard is nicely tucked away with leaves gone, lawn mowed for the last time and flower beds cleaned and trimmed. Well, yesterday was the concluding day for me. One of my grandsons came and helped bag the leaves we had raked on Saturday. We had that done and by then the sun was beautifully shining so I got the mower out and began the final mowing. My son in law’s goats are all happy with the fodder they now have and I’m a content gardener ready for winter to set in.

God is faithful to the end. He promises this over and over again as I read through the books Paul wrote in the New Testament. I am just starting Philippians and we are to be filled with JOY the Word says. The Jewish people who were now believers were the first generation to have the freedom from the laws of the Old Testament. That, in and of itself, would be a joy to me. Now, over 2000 years later the truth is still as real as it was for this new group of Christians. I want to choose joy no matter what the circumstances. Thanksgiving week is a good time to make a choice like this too.

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