Today’s Bible reading was the beginning of Titus. My word, it is a great little book of directions for living life just like Jesus wants us to. I was impressed with something Joyce Meyer wrote giving her thoughts about how Christians should live out our Christianity each and every day. Her added statement was: “Remember that good works and holiness for the sake of good works and holiness will result in legalism. But, when these endeavors are led and empowered by the Holy Spirit they will bring life to you and to others.”

This statement stood out to me for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it defines the hypocrite who is good at knowing the “law” and giving it to you and then living their own way. I grew up with this in my father. But, what hit me closer to home was what was said to me personally after I’d gone through my divorce. A couple of the teachers who had taught with me the 7 years ahead of becoming principal, told me one afternoon that they wanted me to know my divorce had made me a better person. I didn’t know what they meant at first but they went on to say that it had softened my heart towards others who struggled with life.

I never wanted to be judgmental as a person, but I had been. I was one of those who did good works so I could be seen as “good”. Little did I know what I looked like on the outside. God used my divorce to teach me/soften me to see that works for the sake of works is not what Grace is at all. He wanted me to know even then at 29 years of age, Grace saved me, not works. I’ve had to walk this road a long time to much more fully understand GRACE. It is one of God’s most gracious gifts and how grateful I am to be included in receiving it!

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